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Integrating the curriculum in the children’s yoga classes is a great way to catch their attention and allow them a bit of “show off” time. Make sure you look very impressed every time they get a number right. It is also a great occasion to help those children that might be having some difficulties to have some fun while catching up.


Starting from the age of 2 kids will start to learn the numbers. By the age of 4 many kids are able to count up to number 10 and sometimes more.


Print out these cards with numbers and yoga poses. Ask the children to sit in front of you.





  • Display all the cards in the floor in a random order and ask the children to put them in order (depending on their age, decide if displaying all the numbers up to 20 or maybe just up to 10)

  • Teach the kids one yoga pose at a time asking first: What number can you read? What animal can you see? (See below the yoga poses associated to each number)

  • Place the cards in a circle and have each child sit next to a card. Call out a number, the child that has that number, will do the yoga pose.

  • Ask them to arrange the numbers backward (big challenge!)

  • With older kids you can use these cards to make additions and subtractions. Take out two random numbers and ask the kids to either add them up or subtract them. Ask them to get into the pose that represents the answer to the equation!


Peace and love,


MINI ZEN Yoga Numbers Game

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