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Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures that lived on Earth from around 228 million years ago until the present. You could say, that birds are our modern kind of dinosaurs because they share a common ancestor with “non-avian” dinosaurs. The shape and size of non-avian dinosaurs (all dinosaurs except birds) varied widely.


Most children love to hear about dinosaurs. Use these cards to create a fun and engaging yoga lesson.


Print out the cards and stick them back to back. You may want to laminate them so that they will last longer.


Focus on having fun, more than a perfect pose alignment.

These poses are sequenced in a specific flow that makes sense for the body. However, feel free to adapt and change the sequence depending on the time available, number of students, and energy levels.


Feel free to add any dinosaur songs, toys, books that you might have.



Dinosaur Yoga

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