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Teaching Kids Yoga

If you are passionate about yoga and you love working with children, then children's yoga could be your new professional step.

Ready to learn?

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Whether you have or have never practised yoga in your life, the image that comes to your mind is the same one: a calm and relaxed environment where everyone leaves the classroom better than they entered.

The last part is definitely true also for kids yoga; the first part.. not so much!


You don’t need to have kids to know what to expect from kids, you were a kid yourself once... can you remember?


The curiosity, the energy, the impatience, the pure joy of life... That is what we see when we go to a kids yoga class.


Kids are naturally curious and naturally impatient. They don’t have a sense of time, hence for them everything is either right now, or never / forever (!). They are curious and they learn, fast. At the same time, their attention span is just a few minutes per task... So how can you make kids do yoga? Simple! Through play!

And if you think playing is not important, think again because this is the way (if not, the only way) through which children learn.


At a kids yoga class, children will learn how to move their bodies in a conscious way, use their muscles in a responsible way, respect theirselves and one another, breath throughout great times and bitter times, meditate while using one point focused attention and relax their body and their mind.


Teaching kids yoga is one of the most enriching experiences I have had in my life and it is time for me to spread the love by sharing with the world step by step easy to apply yoga lessons for all ages.


I truly hope it helps you, whether you are a yoga teacher, a school teacher, a parent, a grandparent, a caregiver or whether you wear all of those hats at the same time, to find joy in this playful yoga learning and be assured to be raising socially and emotionally balanced individuals.

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