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Breath to change your mood

Our Kids Yoga Class Plans are designed to help children of all ages learn the fundamentals of yoga in a fun and interactive way.


It's one of those days, the mood of your kid is changing like the wind and you are out of ideas on how to approach him or her.



Start by doing it yourself in front of them and soon they will start laughing or looking at you weirdly... Eventually it is probable that they will want to try it themselves too :)


The adult version of this breath is called BREATH OF JOY


It consists on a 3 part inhale and 1 exhale.

Start on mountain pose.


Inhaling from your nose slightly (1/3 of your inhale), bring your arms in front of you and parallel to the ground.


Inhale some more from your nose (2/3 of your lung capacity), bringing your arms to the side of your body, parallel to the floor at shoulder height creating a T shape.


Inhale some more (3/3 of your inhale) and bring your arms straight over your head, reaching for the sky


Exhale saying HAAAAAAA (without forcing the breath, just letting it out as if relieved of some heavy weight) while you bend your legs, bringing your arms and torso down towards the ground, hanging between your legs (ragdoll pose)


Repeat 3 times and finish by staying a little bit longer in ragdoll pose

There is a legend that says that in a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean live some rivalling tribes. When their differences grow and war is imminent, the chiefs of each tribe will bring both sides together. They will stand in front of each other and practise this breath until their anger goes away (this can last as long as a whole day!)...

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Enjoy!! And please share a comment below if you tried it with your kids! 

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