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Sun Salutations (3 to 6 years old)

Kids Yoga Sun Salutations are a great way to start a yoga routine! This energizing and mindful practice helps kids become aware of their breath, movement, and body. Sun Salutations are composed of a series of poses that are repeated in a sequence. The poses can be modified to fit the age and ability of the child.  Sun Salutations can be done slowly, focusing on each pose, or quickly to get energized

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The best way to do the sun salutations with small kids is singing.


I suggest you sing the song, rather than play it in a speaker; this way you can adjust the rhythm to the level of your kids.


I love a Spanish song by Paula Acuña “Saludo al Sol Cantando” which I have translated into English. 

I start by singing the song at a normal pace . Then repeat it really fast (they love this!) and then make a challenge to see who can go the slowest, and sing it really slow, making silly sounds as you pronounce the words very slowly.


Inventing your own song will give you the freedom to adjust it to each age group (following the movements of Sun Salutation A*). Create a rhythm and sing with them in every single class..


Don’t worry, kids won’t judge your signing skills, they will just love the playfulness of it all! 

(I suggest doing at least 2 or 3 sun salutations each time with them)


If you don’t feel comfortable singing or inventing your own songs, you can use these beautiful songs for this age group. I suggest you invent some movements in the “only music “ moments of the song.


-  Kira Willey: Dance for the Sun

-  Juliana y BanbooKids: Sun Salutation


Follow the actions as mentioned on each song.


*The main poses of Sun Salutation A are (some songs don’t have all these actions): 


  • Mountain Pose

Hello to the sun - standing with feet parallel to each other hip width distance apart, arms next to the body, back is long.  Lift your arms towards the sky (saying hello to the sun and getting a nice long stretch on the sides of your body)


  • Rag Doll Pose

Hello to the earth - legs straight or bent, torso and arms hanging down towards the ground (forward fold), head is relaxed


  • Frog Pose

Squatting down to the ground


  • Plank Pose

On your hands and feet (tuck your toes), shoulders on top of wrists and keeping the body as tight as possible, making a straight line parallel to the ground


  • Cobra Pose

Body lying flat on the ground, place hands next to the chest and then press the ground away from you, lifting your chest up towards the sky, hips and feet (untuck your toes) stay on the floor.


  • Downward Dog Pose

On your hands and on your your toes, hips lifted up towards the sky, the body creates a triangle shape


  • Ragdoll Pose

Legs straight or slightly bent, torso and arms hanging down towards the ground (forward fold)


  • Mountain Pose

Standing with feet parallel to each other hip width distance apart, arms next to the body, back is long, head is relaxed.


Enjoy!! And please leave a comment below if you tried it with your kids! 

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