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Mini Zen 10 weeks of kids yoga lessons

Mini Zen is a compilation of ten weeks of children's yoga and mindfulness lessons. Divided by age groups with clear details and explanations, adults can use this book as a manual to introduce yoga in their classroom or home.

Week by week, age by age, a carefully thought out yoga curriculum facilitates group learning. Each class starts with warm ups and sun salutations, continues with class themes and poses explained in detail and concludes with meditations and relaxations.

Mini Zen is user-friendly employing colloquial language with a beautiful layout, making it accessible and easy to navigate for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

"As adults, we have the responsibility of raising emotionally balanced and empowered individuals”.

Marta Otaduy was born in Spain and currently lives in Italy with her husband, daughter and dog.

She speaks English, Spanish and Italian and holds a Masters of Law degree.

Marta has been practising yoga since she was a teenager and became a fully certified yoga teacher in adulthood. With many years of experience behind her, she now works with several schools creating yoga and mindfulness curriculums for children and their teachers.

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