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My name is Marta Otaduy. I was born in Spain and I currently live in Italy with my husband, daughter and dog.


I speak English, Spanish and Italian and hold a double bachelors degree on Law and Economics.

I love dancing, singing, reading and I am always dreaming.


Yoga found me when I was just a teenager and accompanied me all my life. However, it was not until my later adulthood that I decided to become a fully certified yoga teacher.


With several years of experience behind me, I am the founder of Mini Zen Children's Yoga®, through which I work with several schools creating yoga and mindfulness curriculums for children, parents and teachers.

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What is Mini Zen Children's Yoga

MINI ZEN Children’s Yoga is the perfect place for your kids to find balance and joy. Here, kids can learn how to use yoga to develop their physical, mental, and emotional health.  


It is my mission to give every child the opportunity to learn and grow through yoga, and to serve as a source of inspiration for children and families alike.


Join us today to experience the power of yoga and get your children to move, connect, and express themselves in a safe and fun environment.

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