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Mini Zen Children’s

Raising a generation of socially & emotionally balanced individuals

Our Mission

At Mini Zen, our mission is to nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of young ones through the transformative practice of yoga. We are committed to creating a safe and joyful space where children can explore movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery. With a focus on holistic development, we strive to cultivate resilience, compassion, and inner peace in every child we reach.


Our Programs


Children's Yoga at School

Mini Zen Children's Yoga has been a transformative presence in schools for the past years, collaborating with both local and international educational institutions to introduce yoga and mindfulness programs tailored to students aged 2 to 18 years old. Our mission is to integrate these practices into the school's daily life, giving children the support they need to build coping skills for the rest of their lives.

Teacher Certifications

All our certifications are Yoga Alliance approved, and provide aspiring educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to create engaging and impactful classes for young learners.

Online Learning

Our self-paced online trainings in yoga and mindfulness provide the flexibility and convenience for students to enhance their knowledge and skills in these areas from the comfort of their homes.


Mini Zen Children’s Yoga Book


Mini Zen is a compilation of ten weeks of children's yoga and mindfulness lessons. Divided by age groups from 3-14 years old with clear details and explanations, adults can use this book as a manual to introduce yoga in their classroom or home.

Spanish version available

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